Printers, speakers, and more

Your Nimbus unit supports what is called a USB interface.

Those are the slots for the 1/2" wide plugs (3 on the front and 2 on the back of your Nimbus).

The keyboard and mouse will occupy 2 of these slots, but the other 3 are available for other USB devices of your choosing.

In particular, you can use a USB printer, flash drive (below), speakers, headphones, digital cameras, USB Hubs (below), and much more.

Not everything is perfect -- in order to support a particular USB device, we may need special software for your cloud computer in our datacenter.  This is termed a driver, and we expect to have them pre-installed for most devices.  A Supported USB Devices section is provided on this Web site with the latest list of devices that are known to work with Nimbus (and other devices may well also work but have not yet been tested and certified).

Flash Drives


These are also called thumb drives or memory sticks and are small plug-in storage devices which may be inserted into your Nimbus.

Once inserted, the file browser will open on the screen so you can see what files are stored on the device, and can read or write these files as if they are present on your cloud computer.

This capability has a couple of major benefits:

  • Portability -- you can copy files to (or from) your cloud computer with this device and then transfer this data from (or to) another computer.
  • Confidentiality -- if you have data (e.g. financial data) which you don't want resident on your cloud computer, it can be stored on a flash drive and processed from that location.  The data will never reside permanently on your cloud computer (in our datacenter), although portions of it will be transferred to the cloud computer as it is processed.

WiFi (Coming Soon)

These are USB devices which allow your Nimbus unit to use WiFi to connect wirelessly to your broadband (and through that to your cloud computer).  Physically, they are just a little larger than a typical flash drive (above).

If a WiFi device is installed, then you will no longer need the Ethernet cable (the leftmost connection when looking at the rear of your Nimbus unit).

When a WiFi device is inserted, Nimbus will look for an available WiFi network to use.  If it can find one, then it will automatically communicate with your cloud computer.

Sometimes WiFi networks require a password in order to authorize your access.  If this is the case then Nimbus will request that you enter this password.  Also, if there are several available WiFi networks, then Nimbus may request that you choose the one to use.

USB Hubs

Your Nimbus unit has 5 slots for USB devices, but you can also insert a USB Hub into any of these slots.  A USB Hub acts as an extension and will then provide an additional set of USB slots so you can connect additional devices.

You can purchase USB Hubs in any electronics store.  We recommend a hub which supports USB 2.0 and is self powered for the best performance.