Nimbus Drawbacks

... but Nimbus isn't perfect!


Since the Nimbus unit must communicate with the cloud computer in our datacenter, there are some things that just won't work as well as on a local PC.


Nimbus won't be able to handle a large-area, high-density video.  It will still play, so you can see it, but the experience will be of a "scratchy" video with visible transitions between frames.

The smaller the screen area covered, and the fewer the changes between frames, the better the video will look.  A lot of YouTube videos are reasonable, but a full-screen action video will be very poor.

Action Games

For essentially the same reasons, full screen shoot-em-up games will perform poorly.

Other games, like Solitaire, Blackjack, or Chess, are fine.

High Density Applications

Although not strictly video, there are other applications which require rapid and extensive changes to the screen image.  The experience of using such applications will vary widely depending on the particulars.  For example, graphics design applications may perform poorly (e.g. PhotoShop).



We continue to work on improving the performance of the Nimbus Cloud Computer, so these shortcomings may be minimized or eliminated in the future!