Nimbus Benefits

Nimbus uses the latest technology — cloud computing — to provide a much easier way to get basic things like e-mail, Web browsing, and many other features.

  • Trivial Installation — plug in a few cables, and you're up and running
  • Low Cost — a monthly subscription to the Nimbus service
  • No Contract — stop the service at any time
  • No Hassle — no PC administration, backups, application upgrades, virus scans, etc — we do that
  • Instant On — wake up your Nimbus and you're ready to go — usually in less than a second
  • It's Green — the Nimbus draws a miniscule amount of power compared to a normal PC
  • It's Small — Nimbus won't take up half your desk!
  • It's Available — if you're away, access your cloud computer from any browser or Android device
  • It's Secure — data is protected (encrypted) between Nimbus and your cloud computer
  • No Local Data — if you lose your Nimbus, none of your data is compromised
  • Multiple Locations — a 2nd Nimbus in your vacation home can also access your cloud computer
  • Multiple Users — one Nimbus unit will let several people each have their own cloud computer
  • Anywhere Access — use your cloud computer from any Nimbus unit anywhere in the world!