Nimbus Setup and Registration

The back of your Nimbus is shown below:


The Connections

Note: All of the connectors are a unique size and shape, so you can't go wrong!  There are 5 USB slots, and any USB device can be plugged into any of the slots.

The Internet Connection is the wire (Ethernet) that comes out of your cable modem or router (it probably says LinkSys or NetGear on the router box).  This is usually a colored wire with a boxy plug on the end.

The thick cord coming out of your screen (or monitor) plugs into the VGA connection.  This has the largest plug of all the connections.

Your keyboard and mouse should have USB connectors (flat connectors about 1/2" wide).  Plug these into any of the USB slots (there are 2 on the back and another 3 on the front.)

The power plug is the small round connector (the other end is the ugly black thing that plugs into the wall).  Plug this into the round power slot in the middle of the back panel.

Then Register ...

Nimbus will automatically find and communicate with our datacenter.

Since this is a new Nimbus, you will see a Registration screen.  There are instructions on the screen to help you create a cloud computer with a name (your login name), a password (so only you can access your information), a credit card (so we can get paid!), and a few other selections.

As part of the registration, someone must declare themselves as the Owner of each Nimbus unit -- that will normally be you.


You can specify that you will automatically connect to your cloud computer any time you use this particular Nimbus unit.

This is a great convenience since you will not have to enter your login name and password every time you wake up the Nimbus, but it can also be a security risk.  Anyone else with physical access to your Nimbus unit will then also have access to your cloud computer and any of your information on that cloud computer.

We find that most home users select this option for the convenience, and because others will not have physical access to their Nimbus unit.  However, if the Nimbus unit will be in an unprotected area, then it is much safer if this option is not chosen.

The Registration screen displays a warning if this option is chosen to avoid a mistake that might impair the security of your information.