Computing from Anywhere

Why lug around your whole computer (laptop or netbook) when all you really want is access to your computer?  This is where the Nimbus Cloud Computer shines!

At your normal workspace, you'll want a Nimbus unit with a full-size screen and keyboard for comfort.  Here you will also want some accessories such as a printer, speakers for music ( is great!), and any other USB device you need.

If you frequently travel to an alternate location, it might be worthwhile to setup a second Nimbus unit there for easy access to your cloud computer .... but you also have other options.

... you can take it with you

Although not really intended as a traveling unit, the Nimbus is small (about 5"x7" by 1" high) and light (a few ounces).  If you're going to be working out of the Omaha office for the next few days, and you can scrounge up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, then consider tossing the Nimbus into your suitcase and take it along.  (They do have broadband in Omaha, don't they?)

Or any Web browser

Can't bring your Nimbus with you?  Not to worry, you can access your cloud computer from any PC, laptop, or NetBook with a Web browser using the Nimbus soft client.  Just come to this Web site and select the My Cloud Computer link on the top right of each page.

This will start the soft client, and bring you to the Nimbus Login screen, where you will enter your User Name and Password in order to gain access to your cloud computer.

Once you've gained access, you'll see your cloud computer desktop just the way you left it.  So get back to work!

Note: The soft client running within a Web browser is considered a public device so you won't be able to setup this device to automatically access your account — your User Name and Password will be requested each time.

Technical Note: The Nimbus soft client is a Java applet, so your Web browser must have Java enabled or it will not be able to operate.  Java version 1.6 or later is necessary.

Or any Android-enabled device

Android is a software environment created by Google and several partners.  It is designed to run on cell phones, NetBooks, tablet computers, and several other flavors of end user devices.

If you have an Android-enabled device (such as the G1Phone from T-Mobile), then the first time only use the Web browser to come to this Web site and select the My Android Cloud Computer link on the top right of each page.

The first time selected, this will download and install the Nimbus Android Soft Client on your device.  After that, you will see the Nimbus icon in your list of applications.  Just select this to access your cloud computer.

Some Android devices, such as the G1Phone, have pretty small screens (and keyboards).  You probably don't want to plan on doing several hours of work on one of these devices, but it can be a lifesaver if you just need to quickly access the new budget spreadsheet to check a few numbers.

Other Android devices offer more reasonable size screens and keyboards, so you will in fact be able to get quite a bit accomplished.

On the small-screen Android devices the menu options within Nimbus give you a quick way to Quit (temporarily disconnect) or to select one of three different screen sizes — small, medium, or large.  The small screen size will reconfigure your desktop so that it exactly fits the physical dimensions of your device.  The medium screen size will be set to 1024x768 (pixels) and large will be set to 1440x900 pixels.  Since the medium or large screen sizes on your cloud computer will be larger than the physical screen on the device, scroll using the standard finger drag techniques.

Note: Since Android devices possess a unique internal serial number, this is not considered a public device so you can configure it to automatically access your account as soon as you press the  (You do this on the Login screen by checking the Start when I turn on Nimbus box.)

... and best of all

From any of these devices, you are accessing your Nimbus Cloud Computer — with all of your regular applications and files available.

Most other Web-based applications are piecemeal — you have your e-mail at one site, backups of your PC at another site, calendar and scheduling somewhere else, and your sales contacts on yet another site!  ... and by the way, you have to do a separate login to each site!   ... and let's hope you don't need to transfer any information from a sales contact into your calendar!

Nimbus gives you one cloud computer with all of your applications, files, and personalized settings in one spot.  That budget spreadsheet that you need to check — it's there.  The presentation you're in the middle of creating for next month's Sales meeting — that's there to.

Worst case (using a public device) you only need to login once, and if you have your Nimbus unit or Android enabled device you can set things up so that they automatically handle the login for you!  In less then 1 second, you're looking at your cloud computer desktop — exactly where it was when you left.