Sharing Files and Printers

When you have multiple people in the same location (home or an office) you will frequently need to share some common things — chief among these being printers and files.

These are both handled in the same way by using the User Administration application:

  1. The owner of the printer or file defines a named group of users (that is, lists their User Names).
  2. Then the owner specifies whether this group can access the printer or set of files.

All files are owned by the User Name who creates the file (this is always in their /home/<username> directory or below that directory.

Printers are owned by the user who has logged in to the Nimbus into which the printer has been plugged.


Note that in many situations with more than a couple of users it may be easiest to define a couple of sharing accounts whose sole purpose is to own the files/printers that will be shared.  It may also be convenient to setup a separate Nimbus unit whose sole purpose is to drive a shared printer.  Once setup, this Nimbus unit will operate automatically and does not even require that a monitor, keyboard, and mouse be present.