An Appliance

Although Nimbus will support general-purpose use, many people have given us feedback that they view Nimbus more as an Appliance — that is, as a special-purpose unit.

Some suggestions that we've received:

  • An e-mail appliance — Nimbus is setup to just keep your e-mail active at all times.  Wake it up, handle your e-mail, and walk off to work on other things.
  • Internet appliance — keep the Web browser active at all times.  Wake it up, do some quick Web surfing, and walk away ....
  • Kitchen appliance — combine with a smaller flat panel display and smallish keyboard, and Nimbus won't take over your whole counter.  Perfect for checking e-mail, the local weather, school activities, recipes, and the dozens of other small chores that can get done while you're waiting for the coffee to brew!


All of these play to the strengths of Nimbus — instant on, so in less than a second you're ready to go; low power, so just leave the unit on all the time; small footprint, so you can tuck it out of the way.