The Nimbus

The Nimbus unit is shown below .... you place this on your desk, plug in the mouse, keyboard, screen, and broadband connection ... and you're ready to start Web browsing, e-mailing, or whatever else you want to do. (See Nimbus Setup and Registration for details.)

The Nimbus is the local part of your Cloud Computer. It's job is to communicate with the rest of your computer in our datacenter, and handle your screen, keyboard, mouse, and other local devices (see Printers, Speakers, and More).

When you are finished, just walk away — Nimbus will turn the screen off after a few minutes, and then turn everything else off a few minutes later. (The blue light on the front will blink every few seconds so you know that Nimbus is sleeping.)

When you want to user your computer again, just move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard and Nimbus springs back to life! You will see everything just as it was and can continue as if you never left ...