The Nimbus Story

As with many a good idea, the idea for Nimbus really came through self preservation ....

The original two founders have been kicking around the computer field for more years than we like to admit — and frequently it was the computers kicking us around more than vice-versa.

The Situation

Anyway, we had just sold the last startup (one of those independent phone companies that started in the late '90s) and were trying to figure out what to do next.

Our wives had some sage advice — Get the hell out of the house! — and despite the best of intentions our golf games were clearly never going to rise above the level of complete embarrassment.

Since we were somewhat (completely?) idle, and knew computers, we were now fair game to become the computer expert to help out everyone in the family, friends, friends we didn't even know we had, former colleagues, former enemies, and it seemed like anyone we passed in the street!

Who is ScreenPC

ScreenPC, Inc is the name of the company we started to build the Nimbus unit and offer the Nimbus Cloud Computer as a service.

Someday we'll change the name to Nimbus, Inc if we can, but that's way down the priority list.

Anyway, ScreenPC, Inc is incorporated in Delaware as a Schedule C corporation, has a Board of Directors, and all that other corporate stuff.

As a legal item, you will actually contract with ScreenPC, Inc for the Nimbus Cloud Computer service.