Special Applications

So you've got the killer app to run an Auto Parts business, or you need to collect and display data to users in 100s or 1,000s of locations, or you've built a highly specialized database about some critical drug interactions ....

Good for you!  Now how are you going to deliver this wonder to your customers?

Meet Nimbus as an Application Appliance .....

... we don't mean the type of general purpose information going to a diverse set of users over whom you have no control and for whom your part is a minor piece of their day.  For that situation, a Web-based approach is probably your best bet.  Best of luck to you.

... we do mean those situations where either your users are using your application all day every day to run the business, or you have valuable information and need to control who has access.


Before Nimbus, you really only had a couple of options:

  1. Install one or more PCs at the client location(s), and install your application software on each, or
  2. Install the PCs and use a Web browser to access the application, or
  3. The client already has PCs installed, so use either (1) or (2) on those.

In the first two options, you've just become the IT department for each one of your customers.  Congratulations, but troubleshooting burned out motherboards is probably not your idea of fun, and by the way that's not how you add value to your product.

Even in option (3), they're still probably going to call you, saying "Your *&^#$% application isn't working!", when one of the PCs breaks, or gets a virus, or somebody dumps their coffee into the hard drive, ....  But I've bet you've heard more of these than we have!


Now let's take a step back and consider the Nimbus Cloud Computer as your application appliance.

Broadband — you still need broadband into each user location, but you probably needed that already to get to all those PCs.  You may need to bump up the capacity though, so take a look.

Hardware — each user needs a standard setup, but no PC, just the Nimbus unit.  And leave a couple of spares in the desk drawer of the office manager.

Maintenance — if a Nimbus unit is suspect, we can run diagnostics remotely.  If it's really gone bad (rare), tell your customer to get one of these spares out, swap 5 plugs, and they're back in business in less than a minute.  .... and none of your techs spent an hour driving through rush hour traffic to bring them a new PC!

Application Development — developing a Web-based application isn't easy.  See here for some details.

UserID Management — can also be a hassle.  See here for an explanation, but you can setup a hierarchy of users, and either manage the UserIDs yourself or delegate UserID management to anyone in the hierarchy (to manage all UserIDs below them in the hierarchy).

Locking the App — if it makes sense, we can setup your users so that when they login your application starts automatically and takes over the screen.  Nimbus is now truly an appliance to deliver your value to your customer.  Perfect for that high-traffic data entry/retrieval application.  Scatter a bunch of Nimbus setups around your facility for use by anyone.  If the information is sensitive, set them up to require a login each time (or plug in a USB badge reader).  Instant on for the user, low power use, small footprint, and there is no local data to be a security risk!

... and mobility — if some or all of your users aren't tethered to the desk, then check out the mobility possibilities!