For Small Companies

You don't need an IT department!  We do all the technical stuff behind the scenes ....

Nimbus is the ideal way to provide PC functionality to your small business without spending a lot of money (and even more time) buying and installing PCs, networks, and a lot of other infrastructure (that you probably don't even know you need at this point).

Basic Setup

For each one of your employees who needs a computer, you'll need a setup similar to that for a consumer — a Nimbus unit, screen (monitor), keyboard, and mouse.

In addition, you will need a broadband connection with enough bandwidth (speed) to support the maximum number of users that you expect to be active at the same time.

We use the following rule of thumb —1 user = 1 megabit per second (mbs), up to 5 users = 3 mbs, up to 10 users = 5 mbs, up to 20 users = 8mbs.

But be aware that how your users actually use the Nimbus units can have a major effect on the required bandwidth.  In general, if everyone is using basic textual applications — e-mail, documents, spreadsheets — then the speeds listed above will be more than sufficient.

However, if everyone is playing music all day and browsing a bunch of heavy web sites (i.e. pages with a lot of pictures and animation) then it would be wise to increase the above by 50% up to 100%.  Anyway, weren't these people supposed to be working?

In addition, you will need a small router.  The Ethernet cable from your broadband box plugs into one slot of this router, and each of your Nimbus units plugs into one of the other slots.  There may be a special slot for the cable from the broadband, and this will be noted in the Instructions for the router.  (You did read these, didn't you?)

Any router will work, and LinkSys and NetGear are two commonly available brands.  Make sure you check how many ports are supported — the slots you plug the Ethernet cables into are termed ports — and you will need 1 for each Nimbus unit plus one for the broadband connection.  The routers usually come in 4-port, 8-port, 12-port, or 16-port configurations, and you can daisy-chain them together if necessary.  It is usually wise to get a router which will have a few extra ports — you almost always add a few more connections over time.

User Accounts (Logins)

Each of your staff will usually have their own Nimbus cloud computer (or account), which will have it's own UserName and Password.

This is where they will do their work, and store any files that only they need to access.

Nimbus accounts are organized into a tree structure which can be used to organize the users in different departments.

Sharing Printers and Files

With multiple users, it is usually convenient to share printers and files.

Multiple Locations

Have a few offices scattered around?  Always gone nuts with running (or trying to run) your own network so that everyone can see everyone else?  Well, Nimbus eliminates that whole issue.

Since all of your people are really each running a cloud computer within our datacenter, you don't need anything but the broadband connection from each of your locations to us — we take care of all the rest.

... and if you're not in the office

When someone is travelling, or you have some people who frequently work from home, you can take advantage of all the mobility features of your cloud computer!