Large companies have many, many different computing requirements.  Nimbus won't solve all of these, but will be the perfect fit for several of them.

Dedicated Datacenters

For large companies supporting a large internal or external user base, we can discuss a dedicated datacenter at either our location or within one of your datacenters.

For Users "Inside the Walls"

A lot of the key Nimbus features will help reduce cost and administration overhead for internal installation:

  • Low cost and low power consumption will directly reduce the costs of a user workstation.
  • Small footprint will reduce the space taken on a desk or the floor under the desk.
  • The simple setup significantly reduces both the initial installation cost and ongoing technical maintenance.
  • Instant on and automatic login conserve power without impacting user efficiency.
  • Anyone on the internal corporate network can access the service.
  • External (e.g. work from home) users don't need a separate PC (and maintenance) or a VPN for secure access -- Nimbus is ready to go.

The poster-child for these types of installations would be one or more Care centers in multiple geographies.

But it can also be a very low-cost method of supporting a varied base of users throughout the company who just need basic functionality.

For Users "Outside the Walls"

Whether supporting employees who need to travel, or customers, all of the features above reduce cost and maintenance, but other features may become important:

  • If you support external customers, the registration abilities get you out of the Login Management game,
  • If applicable, setting up a locked application provides a secure, low-cost delivery mechanism,
  • For travelling employees, the mobility features may be key.


In all of the scenarios above, there is never any local data stored in the remote unit.

As long as you require a login for each access, if some employee on a trip leaves the Nimbus unit or an Android-powered NetBook behind in a taxi, you have no security breach.

Since there is no company data within the unit — the only cost to the company is replacement of that unit!  The lost unit is worthless to anyone else without the login and password.

Given some of the headlines lately about the cost and impact of a "lost laptop", insurance against this possibility alone will probably justify the whole installation.

And see this rather frightening study about the scope of the problem.