Nimbus for you ...

Have you always wanted a PC at home -- so you can e-mail family and friends, browse the Web (Internet), shop from the comfort of home?  Then Nimbus is for you!

Nimbus will give you all this, and much more, without the expense of buying your own PC, and without having to constantly struggle to keep that PC running!

That last point is a problem that is frequently overlooked.  Keeping a modern PC running smoothly requires a degree of technical expertise that most people simply do not possess.  Or they do have some technical background, but don't want to spend all their time "under the hood" trying to keep a PC running.  They're trying to do their own work, not be a part (or full) time computer technician!

This is where Nimbus shines!  You just plug everything into your Nimbus unit, and start doing what you want to do — we'll handle all the technical stuff in our datacenter (where we do have technical experts).

The Nimbus unit itself is a simple electronic device with no moving parts, so it should never fail.  OK, we know that never is a long time, so a Nimbus might fail (or get chewed up by the dog).  But no worries, we'll just send you another one.  Swap all the cables around and you should be back in business in less than a minute!

How do I ....?

Now that you're up and running, you can get started with what you want to do — send some e-mail, do some on-line shopping, whatever ....

But even here we can help if you have a problem ...

If you don't know how to do something (How do I start the Sudoku game?) then call the NimbusCare center.  Since you are on a cloud computer our staff can share your screen (only with your permission, of course).

This means that we can see a copy of your screen, see exactly what you're trying to do, and walk you through how to do it — or we can do it, and on your screen you will see exactly what we're doing.  Either way, problem solved!  Fast and easy, and now you know how to do it yourself — we didn't conjure up some invisible magic trick.