What Do I Need?

To use your Nimbus Cloud Computer you will need a Nimbus unit, broadband service, computer screen, keyboard, and mouse.  You may also want some additional devices (e.g. a printer) based on your particular needs.

Broadband Service

This is also called high speed data or Internet access, and you need to order this from the company that provides your telephone or TV service now.  (The local telephone company or cable company.)

You need to request a service that provides a speed of at least 1 megabit per second (mbs).  Higher speeds are even better, but Nimbus won't really use anything above a level of about 10 mbs ... so don't waste any money on higher speeds unless you plan to run multiple Nimbus stations at the same location.  They should also give you an ethernet cable to connect between their box (the data modem or cable modem) and the Nimbus unit.

In many areas, both the cable company and the telephone company offer this service so compare prices for both the initial installation and then the cost of the monthly service.  Also, most companies are eager to sell a bundle of services -- TV, telephone, Internet access, and even cell phones -- as a single package at a price substantially less than the cost of the individual services.

Computer Screen

This is also called a monitor.

If you have an old monitor, it should work fine with Nimbus so just plug it into the back of the unit.

If you need to get a new monitor for your new Nimbus setup, then you can purchase it from us (see How to Order) or any local electronics store (for example Best Buy, Radio Shack, CompUSA, or a host of others).

We would recommend the following as a minimum specification:

  • flat panel LCD — takes less space and uses less energy,
  • widescreen format — this is the most common format
  • 19" size — or larger if possible
  • 1440x900 resolution — this is the optimum for Nimbus
  • VGA Interface — this is what is needed for Nimbus, so any other optional interface won't be used

Price ranges should be $150 + or - (going higher for some brands and if larger screen sizes are involved).

Keyboard and Mouse

These must be USB Devices (they will have a 1/2" wide flat connector that plugs into the Nimbus unit).

You can also purchase these from us or at any electronics store.

Unless you plan on hours of heavy-duty keyboard use, a simple, corded, 104-key, USB keyboard should be about $20.

A simple mouse should also be under $20, and we recommend an optical mouse.

Most stores will also have a keyboard and mouse combination package that is less expensive than purchasing each separately.

You can also find wireless keyboard/mouse setups which have a small USB device to plug into the Nimbus unit.  The keyboard and mouse then communicate with this unit, and you don't have those wires messing up your workspace.

Note: There are large-key keyboards available which have extra-large lettering on the key caps (and some also use different coloring for better contrast).  These cost a bit more but are well worth while if any of the Nimbus users have impaired vision.

.... and that's it!

We'll be sending you the Nimbus unit (and the power cord to go with it).

Just plug everything together and you're ready to go!