Online Banking

Nimbus supports online banking environments by providing the critical secure endpoint for accessing banking services.

Scary Stories

The current insecure environment of PCs and the Internet represents a critical challenge in the online banking arena — real people are victimized every day.

The press has discovered this story as shown by these articles:

The bottom line is that compromising PCs in order to access online banking accounts is a severe and growing problem.


Small Business Owners

Note that the official policy of the American Bankers Association (ABA), and the current law in most jurisdictions, is that if your PC is infected, and funds are transferred from your account, this is your problem — the bank has no obligation to cover your loss, or even to attempt to recover the funds.

The ABA and the FBI even recommend that business owners ".... dedicate a separate PC used exclusively for online banking."  Let Nimbus serve this function for you!


Banks with Consumer or Small Business Customers

For consumer accounts, you are required to make the customer whole and then attempt to recover the funds which were fraudulently transferred.

Good luck on that — within 2 hours those funds have probably been transferred through 6 different banks on 3 continents, and wound up in a country you never heard of before!


For small business accounts the good news is that the bank is not responsible for the purloined funds.

The bad news is that now your customer is either crippled or has been forced out of business, and is probably contemplating a nasty lawsuit.  In the best case, the customer doesn't sue — but is sure to tell everyone they know about how they lost money deposited in your bank!


This isn't a good story for anyone.  The solution — provide Nimbus as a service to your small business customers.

This will give them a secure endpoint for online banking transactions without the expense (and hassle) of an additional PC in their office.