By registering for a Nimbus Cloud Computer account you agree to these terms and conditions.  Please read this carefully.

Legal Content and Use

The Nimbus Cloud Computer may not be used for any illegal activity.  This broad statement applies to all illegal activity, but specifically be aware that:

  1. No copies of files (music, video, documents, etc) may be stored on a Nimbus account in violation of the rights of the original owner of that file.

    Sorry, but your collection of pirated Beatles albums will have to reside somewhere else!

  2. No illegal data may be stored on a Nimbus account.

    We really don't want your stash of child pornography on our servers!

  3. A Nimbus account may not be used to plan an illegal activity.

    Please don't use our e-mail server for planning a bank heist with your buddies!

Also, be aware that the applicable legal jursidiction may not be obvious. If you are in France but our servers are in England, assume that laws from both countries may apply!

Appropriate Levels of Use

The Nimbus service is intended for average users who read and send e-mail, browse the Web, write some documents, view some pictures, and other activities.  It is not intended for users with heavy computational tasks which would impact the level of service provided to others.

So if you want to browse the Web for 18 hours a day — that's fine.  But if you are runniing an application to forecast the weather for the next year in millisecond increments, then we may ask you to take your task elsewhere.  And if we find that you are distributing large amounts of unsolicited e-mail ("spam"), or attempting to trick other users into revealing sensitive information ("phishing"), we will immediately suspend your account.

We do not know how exactly to define "inappropriate usage", but to modify a phrase from a famous Supreme Court decision —- we know it when we see it.

So we reserve the right to suspend an account at our sole discretion.

User Names

You select your own User Name when you register for the Nimbus service.  We will always check to verify that no one else has selected the same User Name, and inform you at the time of Registration.

There are also a few other situations of which you should be aware:

  1. Your User Name should not consist of obscene or disparaging words or phrases.
  2. Your User Name should not conflict with the rights of any other person or entity -- for example, using a registered Trademark as your User Name (e.g. CocaCola is out).

In the case of any conflicts or other issues, we reserve the right to change your User Name and will inform you of the new User Name for your account if such a change is necessary.

Privacy of Your Information

We understand that many people are justifiably concerned about the security of any information stored on their Nimbus account.  We do consider this to remain your information, not ours, and will treat it as such.

We will not:

  1. Sell or share your information with any other organization unless you specifically request us to do so.
  2. Allow any other Nimbus account to have access to your information unless you have granted permission.
  3. Allow anyone within our organization to access your information unless it is required as part of their normal operational duties.

... but also be aware that we will:

  1. Programmatically scan some of your information in order to display advertising that is suited to your interests.
  2. Make copies of your information in the course of normal operations (primarily backup copies).
  3. Respond to any valid court order.

Again, with respect to item (3) be aware that the courts both where you reside and where our servers are located may have jurisdiction.

Also, be aware that when you are browsing the Web other entities may place tracking information ("cookies") on your Nimbus account.  This is the result of the normal operation of the Web browser, and not under our control.

Our Right to Suspend Service

In addition to the specific situations mentioned above, we do reserve the right to suspend service to anyone at our sole discretion.