Nimbus Cloud Computer units are intended for service in the listed Coverage Areas — other geographies will work, but may experience less than optimal performance due to network latency issues.

The Coverage Areas will be updated as additional datacenters become operational.

Coverage Areas

NorthEast USA — January 2011


    Price per Month

    Nimbus Cloud Computer $14.95 Nimbus unit + Cloud Computer
    User Name included the unique name of your Cloud Computer
    Storage: 4 GB
    included for file storage on your cloud computer

    Additional Services
    User Names
    $5.95 for each additional Cloud Computer
    Storage: 4GB included with each additional Cloud Computer
    Storage: Additional $0.50/GB GB = Giga-byte of storage
    Nimbus Units $6.95 owned by one of these User Names*

* — every Nimbus unit must be declared as owned by an existing User Name or it cannot be used by anyone.  This is done on the Registration or Login screen.  The owner of a unit can declare it as public, download a special splash screen, or set other operational parameters.  Any User Name may be accessed from any Nimbus unit.


All payment is through the credit/debit card provided when you Register your User Name. This card will be billed at the end of each monthly period for all service and other fees for that period.

The monthly period is based on the day of the month when the User Name was registered — for example, a User Name registered on February 14th will be billed on March 14th (covering February 14th through March 13th), April 14th, etc.  A User Name registered on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month will be listed as registered on the 1st of the following month — you get a couple of free days, but we simplify the life of the billing department!

Be aware that if you have a master User Name and one or more subordinate accounts for which the master handles billing, the registration date of the master account governs the billing cycle.

Free Trial Period

Register your User Name when you receive the Nimbus Cloud Computer.

If the service does not meet your needs, simply return the unit within the first billing cycle and you will not be charged (you are responsible for the cost of return shipping).

Order Process

To order a Nimbus Cloud Computer:

  1. Read the Fine Print page — these are the legal terms to which you are agreeing when you Register.
  2. Remember that you will need a broadband connection, computer monitor, mouse, and keyboard — see here.
  3. Enter your credit/debit card and shipping information on the Submit Order page.

When the unit arrives, simply plug everything together (see here).  The Nimbus Cloud Computer will find the nearest datacenter and present a Registration screen.  Fill out this screen and your account will be activated and appear on the screen — you are now ready to go.  Note:  If you enter the same credit/debit card type (e.g. Visa) and number used for the initial order, we will retrieve your address information from that order during the registration process.

NonReturn Fee

We've worked hard to let you try a Nimbus Cloud Computer at no cost to you (beyond the cost to send the unit back if the service does not meet your needs).

However, we do need to have the unit returned in this case, so we reserve the right to post a $75 charge to your credit card if the unit is neither registered nor returned within 60 days.